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with Anaïs Duplan

The last thing that made you smile

Honestly can’t remember. It was something at Marcus Garvey park, where I smile a lot with my dog, Chester, who also smiles. We are learning to love dog parks, as neither of us has oft been up for it in the past—what with all the socializing! But we’re doing it. And in general, moving to New York has been very good so far, maybe because we are doing so much more socializing.

A secret

^^ That up there almost felt like a secret, hehe!

The last thing you wrote

^^ That up there. I’ve been trying to write this goddamn book of essays, which is very, very hard. I like to be challenged and it certainly is one of those things. I also wrote a chapbook recently, which is here now in the world. Shameless plug. Please read it! It is one of the last things that I myself wrote. Other than that, I’ve lately taken to writing things on very big pieces of paper, so as to never have the experience of pagination while I’m writing, which helps me to write more!

Your favourite city

Hehe, it’s New York. For sure. Everything is very good here. I like to be with people and New York is a good place for that. It’s not a good place if you don’t like to be with people, which some people don’t—and that’s cool too.

What you’d place in a time capsule

Wowow. There are many factors to this question for me. For example, when are we imagining this time capsule is going to be opened? Like in your mental image—when you imagine some future being finding the thing you put into your time capsule—like, when are you imagining? Or maybe there’s some timeless object, so that it wouldn’t matter in what era some future being found it? For me, I guess I'd bank on something simple, like a wristwatch.

Anaïs Duplan is the author of Take This Stallion (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016) and Mount Carmel and the Blood of Parnassus (Monster House Press, 2017). They are the director of the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, an artist residency program for artists of color in Iowa City. They are also a joint Public Programs Fellow at the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Museum of Modern Art.