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with Bhanu Kapil

The last thing that made you smile

Two seconds ago, when I asked my sister when the last time she saw me smile was and she said: “Just now.” Because apparently I was smiling when I asked her.

A secret

I am British.

The last thing you wrote

Formally, Ban en Banlieue (Nightboat Books). Informally, three pages in my notebook describing the many flowers and kinds of birdsong in my garden this afternoon. All very blossom-ish and chirpy. Trying to get back to writing every day.

Your favourite city

Los Angeles is where I have felt most alive and free, as if I could write books there, real ones, and meet my friend Bonny every day for coffee on Wilshire Boulevard, etc. Also the ocean.

What you’d place in a time capsule

Love. I’d probably hold something for a long time, like a beautiful crystal or rock, and send love into it, so that when someone picked it up in the future, after opening the time capsule, it might be released in some form.