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with Carl Phillips

The last thing that made you smile

Watching my partner try not to have a goofy smile while I took his picture this morning.

A secret

My recipe for linguine with clam sauce has evolved into a secret.

The last thing you wrote

Well the last poem I wrote was a poem I finished a week ago, called “What We Did, Who We Did It With.”

Your favourite city

That’s a tough one. My favorite would be a city that I know the ins and outs of, in which case St Louis where I live. Fave city I’d like to know better: Toronto. City in which I imagine my life could be utterly different forever: Venice.

What you’d place in a time capsule

For something from this century, I’d put a couple CDs, Lorde’s latest and a Brad Mehldau CD. Then I’d add a good translation of Chekhov’s plays.