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with Don Mee Choi

The last thing that made you smile

Brunndi, my neighbor’s black doodle. Her full name is Brunnhilde of Wagner’s Ring. Another neighborhood poodle that used to make me smile was called Trotsky.

A secret

I have many and they are all terribly boring.

The last thing you wrote

I’m translating a short story by Yi Sang with Joyelle McSweeney, so that is what I just wrote. The story is called “True Story.” It really is a true story of Yi Sang’s life, his literary influences and his contemporaries of the colonial period of 1930s.

Your favourite city

Seoul-Hong Kong-Frankfurt-Sydney-Seattle. They’re linked, sewn, in my mind.

What you’d place in a time capsule

The vapours of Raul Zurita’s sky poems over Manhattan.