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with Ellen Duffer

The last thing that made you smile

The passionate people at the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts volunteer meeting I attended last night. There’s a bill moving through the Massachusetts legislature that should help protect the access to contraception that many members of Congress would like to eliminate with the repeal of the ACA, and its success is promising.

A secret

I don’t have any.

The last thing you wrote

A piece for Racked on K-Beauty and washing your face. I can already tell you you’re doing it wrong, so please read this.

Your favourite city

I guess Boston, because I like coming home at the end of the trip. But I don’t like visiting places multiple times—too much to see on this planet to do repeats if I don’t have to. The only real exception here is LA. That’s embarrassing, though. You’re not supposed to like LA. It feels like a giant suburb, so I think it just reminds me of where I grew up. It feels comfortable.

What you’d place in a time capsule

I’m concerned about the preservation of the digital space, so I guess every piece of digital information that has ever existed stored on some DNA.