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with Francisco-Luis White

The last thing that made you smile

Well, there’s this man. And the chance of snowfall.

A secret

That song ‘Crossroads’ by Bone Thugs & Harmony really disturbs me.

The last thing you wrote

A poem about the beautiful Black boys of Puerto Rico, imperialism, and what have you. Also, I’m always working on some 600 or 800 word piece to pitch to someone who might cut me a check. Sometimes this writing thing works out in a way that people want to read it. Other times, it just keeps me from talking to myself on the train.

Your favourite city

Boston, easily. I’ve never been as inspired by any other place. The people and the structures are weathered, tough. When you juxtapose that with sounds of the tugboats and sea birds in Eastie, the murmur of the Black folks the city tries to forget in Grove Hall or Dudley and the hopeful buzz of students in the Public Garden, that’s the living stuff that poetry is made of. I’m in love with spots where the pavement has failed and you can touch the cobblestones beneath. My best, most formative years have been spent in New England.

What you’d place in a time capsule

Lots of things. A Chicago rapper called Noname released a project called Telefone last year though, which I think is an important moment for not just hip hop but poetry. Anything that says “President Donald J. Trump,” so the world never forgets the potential of whiteness, and American bigotry particularly. Also, a pack of those weird Oreos that are filled with marshmallow Peeps. What a time, right?

Francisco-Luis White is an Afro-Latinx writer, storyteller, and advocate residing in the District of Columbia. They contribute to various sites and have a collection of poetry forthcoming from Indolent Books in 2017.