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with Ishion Hutchinson

The last thing that made you smile

Listening to a CD recording of ‘Aida’ by Leontyne Price. I find myself at many moments thinking Price’s voice sounds just like one of my aunt’s, sharp but consoling. The story, the voice bearing it, works its magic to make winter, this particularly brutal winter, seem less an assault on body and soul. We will need many more such voices.

A secret

There is more than a shadow under the red rock.

The last thing you wrote

Should be: “There is more than a shadow under the red rock,” but I wrote for myself this morning a sentence about The Radiance of the King, a novel I reread on a recent trip and it has been on my mind. Highly recommend it; the NYRB edition has an introduction by Toni Morrison.

Your favourite city

Addis Ababa. Berlin. And though less a city, Port Antonio.

What you’d place in a time capsule

My grandmother’s crimson shawl and the sea.