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with Lisa Mecham

The last thing that made you smile

My friend Michelle Burleson’s television pilot script ‘Kimchi Rhinestone.’ There’s nothing more satisfying than reading work by someone you care about, someone you root for, and having it exceed your expectations. She is funny as hell and we need more female-driven comedy in the world.

A secret

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a meteorologist. I still love local newscasts, the talking heads with Cheshire Cat grins and bright, polyester outfits. Growing up, it was mostly women who “did the weather” and to me, they told the future. Dancing their arms across maps, raising winds, conjuring storms. Even now, the day’s temperature can predict how I will feel in the world. If I can’t have control over my life, at least I can know what’s coming.

The last thing you wrote

A poem about ewes rejecting their lambs and the extreme measures farmers employ to “encourage” attachment. By that I mean, I wrote a poem exploring maternal ambivalence.

Your favourite city

New York City (especially in the spring and fall). I suppose that’s a clichéd answer but I’m in a constant state of piqued-curiosity when I’m there. I love walking on The High Line. And all those fancy galleries tucked away in Chelsea where you can walk in and view Koons and Rauschenberg and other funky artists I have never seen before. Meandering through Central Park when the sun is setting.

What you’d place in a time capsule

If someone found a time capsule in the future and it was labeled “2017” and I wanted that person to know exactly what this moment in time feels like, I would stuff it full of barbed wire.

Lisa Mecham writes a little bit of everything and her work has appeared in Catapult, Amazon’s Day One and BOAAT, among other publications. A Midwesterner at heart, Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her two daughters where she’s finishing a book about mental illness in the suburbs.