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with Steven Alvarez

Something that makes you smile

It’s no secret that when I encounter a taco truck in places where I’d least expect, a smile crosses my face. Then, after I try a taco al pastor from the same truck, another crosses my face. Yet another smile emerges when I see groups of folks enjoying their tacos, especially families. Because: tacos.

A confession

I don’t tell many folks this, but I was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. For those of you who don’t know, Eagle is the highest rank in the Scouts. Related, I’m pretty good at tying and identifying knots. Second confession, the first cigarette I ever smoked was as a Boy Scout, during a camping trip in northern Arizona.

The last thing you wrote

I’ve been working on a book manuscript that is a sci-fi dystopia on the US-Mexico border. Some of these poems have been published recently, and I have been adding to the manuscript as I continue to draw from the current border dystopia that folks in the borderlands continue to experience.

Your favourite city

My favourite city is the city where I live, New York City, and specifically, the borough I live in, Queens. Even further, my neighborhood, Jackson Heights, one of the most diverse places on the planet, where some 167 different languages are spoken.

What you’d place in a time capsule

Of all the questions, this one I had to think the most about. Would I leave a luchador mask (the mask used in Mexican wrestling, lucha libre)? Or would I leave a bottle of Kentucky bourbon to age well and welcome the future? Then I thought, wait, why not leave a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon wrapped in a lucha libre mask? And so my answer: a bottle of Kentucky bourbon wrapped in a luchador mask.