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with Topaz Winters

The last thing that made you smile

After eating dinner last night, I walked to the kitchen to wash my dishes & happened upon my dog lying sprawled on the floor, dozing with eyes half-closed. As I manoeuvred around him I rather absentmindedly said “bonjour, mon chéri”—& nothing about his body position changed at all, his eyes didn’t even open, but his tail simply started wagging furiously the moment he heard my voice. I think perhaps he thought he was dreaming.

A secret

I am very deeply in love.

The last thing you wrote

Scribbled on a post-it note, one reminder for tomorrow & another for always: buy milk & toilet paper. also, you are good enough.

Your favourite city

New York City, of course.

What you’d place in a time capsule

Pressed flowers. Winter. A mixtape of my favourite songs. Robert Hass’ “Meditation at Lagunitas”. Heritage. The last painting my baby sister made in art class. A selfie. A love letter. A telephone. A jar of monsoon rain. The sound of her laugh. A moment of quiet. A copy of Half Mystic. The moon. Hope.

Topaz Winters is the author of Heaven or This (2016) & Monsoon Dream (Platypus Press, 2016). At 17, she is the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. At this moment she is learning of California poppies, the difference between warm milk & forgetting, & how magic behaves in times of desperate measure.